Why Comics?

Why Comics?

"What comic books offer the student is unique and exciting. Comic books are not only a combination of art and literature, but become a whole much greater than the sum of its parts.

Comic books are an exciting and accessible medium for students. The language of cartooning can capitalize on the strengths of visual as well as verbal learners, while pushing students to develop beyond their comfort zones.


The Arts can be alienating and intimidating. Conversely, comic books are populist and accessible, engaging and empowering. They welcome readers of all literacies, backgrounds, and experiences. Images + words together clarify communication, and illuminate possibilities. Through comics, children can create identity space + counter-narratives, and explore their own realities. Every child has the right to feel creative, and to engage with literacy.


Cartooning offers exciting opportunities for innovative thinking; a child's imagination can build worlds on the page."

- Cathy G. Johnson artist, author + educator

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